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[BPOD - Books] African American Graphics Novels and Comic Books

Are you a Black Comic Book fanatic looking for more afro-centric characters and humor? Check out Shop Amazon on MSOY's collection of African American Graphics Novels and comics. From the Boondocks to Static Shock, there is something for every age level to enjoy.

Price: Amazon Discounts URL: View Website

Category: Books
Keywords: African American, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Black Superheroes

Posted by l_shanda to BPOD - Books at 7/17/2006 08:51:00 AM


[BPOD - Books] Lil' Bits Bedtime Tales & Poems

Looking for something to read to the kids before bedtime? Try 'Lil' Bits Bedtime Tales & Poems'. It's the first published MSOY Original book just for African American Children. Best of all you can download a copy of the e-Book version for only $0.99! Get your copy today (click here).

Price: (e-Book) $.99 (print) $8.52
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Category: Books
Keywords: children, african american, poetry, bedtime stories

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